“I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for given me the chance to spend this week in paradise on earth. I have felt your warm love & your peacefulness come over me from the moment I slept through the gate. It has been an intense and transformative week for me and I needed that most in my life now. Having spend X-mas with a chosen family will change my opinion and accossiation with this period on the year.I will be a new man after this experience and grow from it every day onwards from when I leave these safe walls. I wish for you all that you can keep this special place of paradise open for as long as possible and thereby give many other souls the experience I have had.” Eric 2019

“You made this week so special for me because I felt your love, warmth, caring and smile! This was my chosen family. This was my safe home. You gave me back to possibility to explore life without fear. Love myself and accept myself just the way I am. I can not express my gratitude in words. Thank you so much for this wonderful week. I will take the experience with me in my life.” Monique, December 2019

“Thank you for sharing this amazing place, which you built with so much love. Everything is perfect! Thank you to the whole team, taking care in such beautiful way. The whole environment helps us to find peace and spend our heart.” Monika, November 2019

“Truly a life changing experience. This is a very special place and only possible through all the love of everyone I ‘ve me this week.I cannot thank you all enough” Lauri, 2019

“Thank you so much for creating this beautiful slice of paradise. The love for each and every guest & their wellbeing power from every place, corner, touch and word. My heart came tired and dull & I am leaving full of life and beauty and love. You create pure light, all of you and you are a team of superheroes. The world needs you.” Jacinta, 2019

“Thank you for a beautiful week of tranquility. Celebrating Nyepi here was a true experience. Keep dancing!”, Adamo & Vicci

“Thank you so much for creating this space. A place of release and love. There are so many things I’ve learned here over this week and words cannot express the gratitude I have for you! I will keep picturing myself on a stage wearing a red lace dress feeling confident and full of love and life. I will realize I am not watching that girl I am that girl. So much love to you!” Stella

“Thank you all for such a wonderful week <3.” Silje & Ina, November 2018

“Dear Prana Veda Team, from all my heart to you: Terima Kasih for making this place such a wonderful home away from home. Thanks to all of you this sanctuary is a true paradise on earth. All the best to all of you.” Grit, November 2018

“Dear Prana Veda Family, a big thank you from the heart for this blissful and truly unforgettable week. A little taste of paradise… So enchanting and inspirational. Deeply nourishing for all senses and the soul. I have cherished every moment and will hold every memory dearly within. GRAZIE.” Elena, Oktober 2018

“To all the beautiful people of Prana Veda, Thank you for a week I will never forget, much needed time for reflexion and self-discovery. Thank you for allowing me to open up and thank you for listening to all my greek tales. So much peace and love to experience here. I hope to one day be back.” Alexis, September 2018

“Thank you all for this amazing experience. Everything was perfect and I felt really relaxed and in peace during the entire week in this PARADISE. I will never forget my first Yoga & Meditation experience. Wish all the best.” Celine, September 2018

“Thank you for all you did for me. When I arrived here I didn’t know that this energy week will change my life. The earth quake at the beginning scared me a lot, but days after days I felt more and more relaxed and calm because of you and all the things we did together. I discovered who I am, deep inside me and I really think that people should come here every  year at least one time to connect with the earth, the ocean, the sun and with themselves too. Nowadays, in our society, we are losing this connection with our mind and our body and now it seems very important to find ourselves deeper in our heart to feel good with others. So thank you for everything, you gave me the faith to trust in myself, my capabilities. I reconnected with who I am and I will be grateful during all my life. You gave me the chance to be now who I have to be and now I’m not scared anymore. With all my love for you. Find hope to see you soon, I wish you the best.” Juliette, August 2018

Dear everyone at this paradise. Thank you for this amazing week, everything was perfect, love and kindness ever single second of every day. it really felt like paradise. Something magical happened here. I will come back, I know it in my heart. Love you all.” Nathalie, June 2018

“Thank you so much for my week (myself, Julie and Kerry – all needed it so much <3). The peace, and accent on self-compassion here is truly healing and revitalizing to the spirit. The best week I could have had anywhere. Loved it… Thank you for all the love, thoughtfulness that went into matching this oasis of the soul. <3” Karuna, June 2018

„From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you to everyone here who contribute to make my holidays 15 days in Paradise. I go back to France full of love & gratitude. My heart breathes peace, happiness and Love. To Jana: Thanks for the water healing session. It was one of the most beautiful moment in my life I’ll never forget. You’re wonderful.“ Claire, March 2018

„I came into a foreign country and found home for body, soul and mind“ Klaus November 2017

„My life journey took me on an adventure from the island of Puerto Rico to the island of Bali. And here I met a wonderful group of people with whom I laughed, cried, meditated, moved, floated, climbed, swam, ate, drank and danced. To everyone who reads this, I wish a beautiful and happy journey, with the final achievement of real, genuine inner peace. Love, “ Angela Oct 2017

„Thank you for teaching me how to breath again. Much Love“ Julia Sep 2017

„Today we live in the moment, unless it’s uncpleasant, in which case I will eat cookies.“ – The cookie monster. Thank you for holding space for the pleasant moments, the unpleasant ones and all moments in between.“ Verena & Matze, August 2017

„Thank you for all the joy and happiness that you have brought John and me on this trip. Thank you fort he beautiful Aqua Healing experience that made me feel emotional but finally free. I came here to connect with myself again and this ist he gift Prana Veda gave back to me, thank you!“ Tess and John, July 2017

„I have no words to thank you enough for this amazing & emotional week. You allowed me to be myself without any constraints, and just let go and connect back with myself and what I am meant to be. I don’t want to call it a „rebirth“ but it kind of is… Thank you for holding space! With all my gratitude.“ Paula, July 2017

„Thank YOU for a wonderful week. Much much more than I ever expected. I feel like it fed my heart, my soul and my body all at once. Continue to keep this place magical, it’s very special. All my Love!“ Cate, June 2017

“Thank you for this life changing experience. For sharing your love, generosity and knowledge. I will forever be grateful to Prana Veda”. Alice, February 2017

“It was a great time here! A little paradise. Thank you.” Johanna, January 2017

“A huge thank you to your wonderful team. A peaceful place where I have done a very deep inside journey. Thank you to Martina & the discovery of floating meditation and Kundalini meditation… very strong! Wishing you all the best and definitely looking forward to be back…” Sophie, January 2017

“Thank you so much for everything you bring to and from this place. Wonderful team! No words to describe how I feel. Gracias, Thank you, Merci.” Terry, January 2017

“Thank you… no more words needed.” Irina & Jörg, November 2016

“There is not enough words to express how you feel here. If you’re reading this, you’re exactly where you need to be. A place that sounds, looks, smells and tastes like heaven. Hopefully, you can bring a piece with and within you.” Patricia, October 2016

“What a journey you have taken me on. I have only been here a week and the disconnection I felt at the beginning of the week has been replaced with bursts of emotion, long ago buried. I thank you all for your guidance and support in my journey. I also thank the wonderful people who came here for their own unique reasons.” Karen, October 2016

“Thank you for the wonderful week.” Enka, October 2017

“A huge thank you for the wonderful and peaceful week. First to all the staff, always smiling and taking care of us, then the quality of all the massages, Aqua Healing (quite a nice experience), the Yoga, the meditation, the food and finally the site filled with positive energy. This week has changed us. We leave filled with love, tenderness, smile and beauty.” Marc, September 2016

“Thanks for this week in Paradise! We adored the Yoga and meditation classes, inspiring floating meditation, eternal smiles, the delicious food, sooo relaxing massages… Thanks to all!” Katrin, September 2016

“Kindness, Peacefulness, sharing… in Paradise… Thank you very much”. Phouwa, August 2016

“We spent two wonderful weeks at Prana Veda and would like to thank you for allowing us to completely relax and move closer to what liefe is really about: Love! Keep this place alive with all your enthusiasm, love and compassion to allow others to find their way back to nature and their own. Thank you for everything you gave.” Elke, August 2016

“I felt cared for from the moment I arrived. The service of those working tirelessly and silently in the background to look after us is amazing. I could feel the love and it seems to me that this place runs on love. I’m glad I know this place exists and am quite sure I’ll be back here at some time. So, I extend my gratitude to Renate, Martina and everyone else who worked so hard for us.” Brett, August 2016

“Thank you so much for taking care of us in a so deep and friendly way. Everything is beauty here, including the people, the nature, the surroundings. But the most important is that Prana Veda is touching our heart and soul. Hope to come back!” Catherine, August 2016

“I felt at home as soon as I set foot in Prana Veda. My three weeks went by way too quickly but Prana Veda is a magical place that I will always carry with me. Thank you to all of you as well as the wonderful staff for making this a truly memorable stay.” Gabriele, August 2016

“My words aren’t strong enough to express my gratitude for one week. I feel like I landed on another planet, where everything is beautiful, peaceful, magic. So many extraordinary experiences. I will keep the power of such experiences in my heart and body for ever.” Sandrine & Philippe, July 2016

“My stay in Bali is fruitful because of Prana Veda Bali. It is a unique place for all those who want to revitalize their energy. Thanking Renate & Martina for the support you gave me. Let there be more beautiful people coming to this place for rejuvenation.” Swami Atma, July 2016

“This has been such a pleasure – a wonderful stay. I have enjoyed the light and the healing power of the place and from the Yoga and meditation. Hope to come back someday…” Randi, July 2016

“Thanks so much for a wonderful experience here at Prana Veda. It has been a much needed time out of a very busy life for me and I am now filled with joy and calm and am much better equipped to face the world again. Thanks for the wonderful Yoga classes and meditations, for all the help and support and organization, for the amazing Aqua Healing therapy and wise advice, for the flower bath and also many thanks for all the lovely Balinese food, the cooking class and the very interesting trip to the markets. I will leave with a resolve to bring more peace and joy into my life by practicing Yoga and meditation, eating well and swimming more.” Rose, July 2016

“We have a lot of gratitude for having discovered Prana Veda. We have a lot of admiration for what you have managed to do to help humans grow internally and help local population. Thank you again for everything. We go up from this dream week.” Sophie & Michael, June 2016

“Dear all, thank you so much for this amazing two weeks stay among you. This time here will forever stay in my heart. Please continue to work hard in order to keep this place as it is: peaceful, beautiful and a perfect spiritual retreat! My love to you all and look forward to meeting you again in the future.” Ludovic, June 2016

“Thank you for this little paradise on earth! I feel stronger, cleansed and filled with positive energies! I welt so comfortable, well cared  for and wish to come back.” Elke, June 2016

“I would have never dreamt, that I could find this oasis of peace and love, my inner peace. This wonderful house, furnished with much love and coming from the heart, has brought back my equanimity. I am grateful for this gift and that you have cared for me so well, so that my 10 days stay felt like a paradise. Yoga, meditation and the Aqua Healing are an experience, that will always remain in my dreams. It has helped me so much to let go and make peace with myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Brigitte, May 2016

“Prana Veda is like a divine garden of peace, realization, love and unity reflecting our most inner capacity of peace, realization, love and unity. A garden that clears away fear, separation and scarcity and bathes us in abundance and bliss. Renate, you carry the touch of (en)light(enmet) within you and you have brought it outward into manifestation in form of this wonderful paradise garden on earth. Thank you.” Arjana, April 2016

“Dear Prana Veda Team. I don’t know what to say – except: THANK YOU!” Nina, March 2016

“Today I really feel it – the gratitude. Gratitude that I found my way to Bali, that I am OK with the path that I have gone so far. I thank you for this place and the precious people.” Andrea, March 2016

“A place, an atmosphere, that has taught us to appreciate and be aware of the present moment. Heartfelt warmth, Thank you!” Barbara & Simon, February 2016

“Terima kasih for the wonderful, inspiring, relaxing, invigorating, delicious, expansive, humorous, unforgettable time in your little paradise.” Karel, January 2016

“If you like to see, you have to close your eyes. When I will be back at home and close my eyes, I hope to find again a place inside myself where I can experience some of the love, warmheartedness, silence and the joy of this place. Thank you from my heart.” Detlef, November 2015

“We had fantastic 10 days at Prana Veda. All staff is just lovely – and so were the other guests. We had hight expectations when we came here – and our experience went far beyond that. We  are deeply grateful to all who have contributed to this holistic journey we went through while being here. Elsa, our 7-month-old daughter would like to thank everybody for the special attention she got. She can’t stop smiling. And so are we! We’ll be back!” Elsa, Maricla & Stefan October 2015

“Thank you for being such wonderful hosts. It was a joy from the first contact, nothing was too much, we could feel your holding from miles away and it only got more intense since we walked into Prana Veda Sanctuary. Thank you for being a venue of Light and sharing that. The perfect retreat.” Cécile, September 2015

“Thank you deeply for all your love and crew in creating the most perfect space for magic to occur! Can’t wait for our next retreat here!” Jani, September 2015

“I never saw someone smiling every time … and communicate her good vibrations like this! I will never forget Prana Veda. Thanks for your understanding and kindness. Thanks Prana Veda to exist… And thanks God and Life for giving us the chance to come here. Hope we’re lucky enough to come back soon. Namaste” Geraldine & Arnaud, June 2015

“Passion. Peaceful. The best food ever. New friends. Relaxed. World’s best place. Such a busy schedule ;-); Sooo much amazing. Thank you for an amazing week!” Natasha & Amanda, May 2015

“Thank you so much for a wonderful week in your beautiful paradise. It gave me the chance to connect with myself again. To let go of worries and fears and to rebalance my whole being. Thank you for the delicious meals, the wonderful massages, the love and dedication of all the employees, the Yoga classes and meditation sessions. I am grateful that I had the chance to come to this wonderful spot and connect with you all and the other guests.” Caroline, April 2015

“To the amazing souls and energies that made Prana Veda such a blessed place, thank you for this experience. It was only one week, but I journeyed to the cosmos, deep into the sea and very far within, seeing things e’ve never seen and feeling things I’ve never seen. Thank you for all your love, care and beautiful energies.” Yenna, January 2015

“Thank you for creating such a perfect space. We love it here! You are all thoughtful, nurturing and fun. We feel refreshed, balanced and ready to embark on new challenges.” Claire and Jenna, June 2014

“Namaste Renate & Staff, blessings to every soul. Be what you are here. Release, let go, fear not! Open to the infinite possibilities of an awareness that is the highest expression of your being. Allow it!”. Michele, May 2014

“Thank you for bringing Yoga into my life! Thanks to the fantastic staff for this unforgettable stay. I will miss you all.” Anja, November 2013

“A space where each can simply be… I hear the ocean breaking with soft sounds by the shore. And gentle voices whisper here’s a home where I can stay. Whole and contented in my deep heart’s core. Words can’t suffice to thank you for this beautiful experience of Paradise… We would like to thank you simply, sincerely and profoundly for so much daring, sensitivity and wisdom, and for sharing all you are so warmly with all your encounter. We hope some day to return but be sure that we will never leave. In light and in love” George & Sylvia October 2013

“… A real find – on all levels. Thank you!” Sonika & Kalyan, Jan 2013

“Thank you sooo much for one of the most beautiful experiences of my whole life. It’s been a learning and a love giving for me. It’s just awesome and very, very beautiful. I hope life brings me the chance to give back so much as I have received here.” Maite, December 2012

“Thank you for all the joy, happiness and love you have offered us! A true paradise on earth.” Andrea & André, October 2012

Dear Renate and Martina & friends,
Thank you for being such a beautiful example of those rare beings, who walk, build, float, teach their “TALK”…..we are blessed to have been in your company!
With love and gratitude Margot A., September 2012

“What a wonderful gift to the world  you have given by creating Prana Veda Sanctuary. This is a truly peaceful and revitalizing place! Thank you so much for every moment and for sharing the joy and love for the water work…” Guido, June 2012

“Thank you for creating such a beautiful place which relaxes body, mind and opens them to receive your Love & Healing.” Anandi, June 2012

“Thank you for creating the sacred space for releasing, reflecting, relaxing and refreshing.” Bob, November 2011

“… there is no word to describe the wonderful time I spent here with you!! Your place is a Paradise!” Sophie, May 2011

“Once in your life you will find a place to live forever. This happens to me at Prana Veda Sanctuary.” Frederick, February 2011

“…A sanctuary it is…”Janel, November 2010