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This hidden retreat paradise is situated on the north coast of Bali directly on a wide beachfront on the Indian Ocean, in Bondalem – Tejakula. Far away from the main tourist stream, where you still find the island of the Gods in its traditional, spiritual and magical variety. It is in the middle of an exotic garden, an oasis with tropical fruits, flowers and coconut trees. This guesthouse is with its generous antique furnished rooms, a perfect retreat place for people who are looking for relaxation and stillness, a place for people who are longing for something unusual.

In the heart of this sanctuary is a Therapy Watsu Pool (with its 35 degree warm water), which serves for Aquatic Body Work. Aqua Healing is using the healing power of the water for an inner journey into yourself – a deep experience to enjoy drifting, floating, freedom and surrender in weightlessness.

DSC_3238Prana Veda means in Sanskrit the “wisdom of life energies”.  Prana Veda Sanctuary is guided by a Therapist (Physio-, Psycho-, Yoga- and Ayurvedic therapist) and her colleagues deeply  from her heart. Aqua Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Energy work and Ayurveda can be the accompaniment to your holistic well-being during the retreat. In our Spa, our guests can be pampered with different treatments. Prana Veda’s highly appreciated food is a synthesis of health aspects and indulgence.

From Ateeka

A magical retreat place of beauty, stillness and peace, where you can “stop the world” and be inspired by the magic of Bali. If you are looking for a special retreat place where you can experience a personal shift and a time to reflect and transform, or maybe just an opportunity to read, write, or spoil yourself through rejuvenating arts. Here you will find endless space to inhale … breath deeply … and absorb the unlimited expanse of the sea, to dream under palm trees and just be.

Prana Veda has got a direct access to beach. The reef just in front is filled with colorful tropical fish and coral gardens, which invite you to snorkel. The local fishing boats will take you on a trip for sunrise or to watch the dolphins.

Prana Veda Sanctuary is a uniquely beautiful and protected space for a holiday retreat. It is wonderful for singles and couples, people who are on a conscious pathway, small seminars, romantic holidays, or family meetings and special events.

Prana Veda can be rented exclusively for retreats or seminars.

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