Permaculture, yoga and meditation in Bali (a guest contribution by Silke)

Silke, owner of the organic farm Guidohof, belonging to the Geman organic farming association Demeter, stayed with us as a guest for a month in Prana Veda. Her passion and skills for permaculture inspired us and together we had a lot of joy in our garden. We’d like to thank Silke wholeheartedly. We learned so much from her and our garden flourishes beautifully.

In Silke’s own words:

Prana Veda, a retreat in Northern Bali, turned into a very special place on my travels through Asia. Here I would combine my passion for serving mother earth and her plants, and the inner search to myself. Traveling on a low budget through Asia I came to this paradise to treat myself with a healing energy retreat for my birthday. However, now I am already here for the fourth week and a beautiful garden and gardener Ary were waiting for me.


Here I am able to combine my knowledge from building our organic farm for 25 years, especially the seedling production, with knowledge from a tropical country without seasons. Also pests are a huge topic and not all of my German wonder methods are working in Bali.

Ary and myself want to learn more, so we are driving towards Ubud to permaculture farmer Fredy at Bali’s Corner. We choose from a variety of new ideas, strangelooking vegetables and organic seeds.

Ary and I are happy about the great experience and already on the next day you find us sowing new vegetables, and plant a neem tree. We communicate easily with the help of an online German-Indonesian translator, using our hands, our feet, whatever it takes. It’s an enriching experience for us and the guests.


In the lovely paradise of Prana Veda you don’t only enjoy yoga, meditation, massages, aqua healing but also organic food such as basil, eggplant, aloe, rocket salad and spinach from the garden. Iluh prepares the delicious meals with much love. As the tradition in Bali goes the garden and the rest of the place regularly receive blessings.


And so I express my gratitude for all the beauty I got to witness, for all the growth and prosperity of mother earth. Finally if you are planning a holiday for your soul in Bali, with all my heart I recommend Prana Veda where you can just be, and get pampered along the way.

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