Things worth knowing for the journey

Bali has the same plug socket like Germany. Depending where you come from, you might need an adapter for charging your electronic devices.

Several airlines fly to Denpasar, the international airport of Bali. Coming from Europe, you’ll have a stopover on the way, e.g. in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Doha. Flights can be booked at travel agencies or online, such as, or

The retreat starts on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm with a guided house tour and introduction, therefore we ask you for an arrival between 2 and 4 pm. When you come directly from the airport we recommend that you book a flight that arrives in the morning or around midday in Denpasar, so that you can enjoy the beautiful drive to Prana Veda before it gets dark outside and so that you are here in time for the introduction tour. The drive takes three hours and passes traditional Balinese villages, beautiful rice fields, volcano landscapes and coconut palm tree forests.

Check-in: from 2 pm onwards, guided house tour and introduction at 5 pm
Check-out: 10.00 am after breakfast

Tourists are very welcome to join ceremonies such as full moon ceremonies, birth ceremonies, weddings and cremations. By joining these events, you can get in touch with the locals and get insights into the Hindu beliefs and traditions of the Island. During these ceremonies, you are requested to wear a Sarong (a wrap-around skirt – also for men!), a shawl around the waist and a shirt or blouse that covers the shoulders. These clothes are also requested for temple visits. Pictures can be taken during ceremonies, except during blessings. Flashlight should be avoided during temple ceremonies. Usually, the Balinese are willing to be photographed, but it is a sign of respect to ask them beforehand. Children especially are happy, if you show them their picture on the camera display.

Currency and money
The currency in Indonesia is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Daily exchange rates can be found on the internet, e.g. here. In bigger cities and tourist destinations, you will find many ATMs, where you can withdraw cash with your credit card and PIN number. The ATMs will dispense around 100-150 Euro per withdrawal, but you can repeat the procedure several times. Prana Veda is situated in a Balinese village and the next reliable ATM is around an hours drive. Several money changers and ATMs can be found at the airport.

Embassies and Consulates
Please refer to the websites of the foreign ministry of your country to find contact details about embassies and consulates in Indonesia as well as on Bali or have a look here:

Emergency call numbers
Fire department: 113,         Police: 110,               Ambulance: 118

Family doctors and medical institutions specializing in the tropics can give consultation about necessary vaccinations. You should have standard vaccinations (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio) as well as Hepatitis A.

Medical Care
There are well-equipped clinics (also with 24/7 ambulance) in tourist destinations e.g. International SOS Clinic, Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) or Kasih Ibu in Denpasar.

The national prefix for Indonesia is 0062. Prepaid SIM-cards for the Indonesian mobile network can widely be bought, even with internet data package.

Time difference
From central Europe, Indonesia is +7 hours ahead (+6 hours during daylight saving time). For a time zone map, click here.

In Indonesia, giving tips is not compulsory but much appreciated. A guideline could be
5 % of the total price.

From Prana Veda, you can venture out for beautiful day trips, such as to the Buddhist temple and hot springs, to see the sunrise on the sea on a local fishing boat or climbing mount Batur, the water palace of Tirttagangga and the White Sand beach, or to the temple at the sea in Bratan as well as visiting social projects.

Transport and Travels across the island
There are tourist busses operating between the main tourist destinations, but in the north of the island, there is limited public transportation. The most common way for tourists to move around is by taxi or private car. We can organize a transfer from the airport or a pickup from somewhere on the island. The drive from Denpasar to Bondalem is around three hours across the inner part of the island, with majestic views passing rice fields and volcanoes.
Bali is an easy destination for women who travel alone.

Please find out yourself about the current visa requirements of your home country. The passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months. In most cases, you get a Visa on arrival for 30 days for 35 US$. Longer stays are possible, if you apply for a 60 days visa in your home country. Please refer to the information given by the Indonesian embassy or consulates in your home country.

Yoga Equipment
Prana Veda provides high quality Yoga mats, meditation cushions, blocks, bolsters and belts. Please bring light and comfortable cotton clothes for the Yoga and meditation classes and a Yoga towel if you like.

Please don’t drink the tap water in Bali, only water that is sold and distributed in cans and bottles. Prana Veda provides drinking water for our guests.

We have a 24 hours WiFi service at Prana Veda free of charge in the rooms and in front of the reception, but the internet may be slow and sometimes disrupted. We invite you enjoy the “offline” life during your stay and to slow down.