Yoga & Meditation

On the 1st floor, there is a 63 m2 room with teak wood floor, which invites you to Yoga, meditation and dance with a spectacular view across the ocean. There is also a Yogashala in the garden area, where our guests can practice Yoga and meditation on their own outside our retreats. We provide high quality Yoga mats, meditation cushions, blocks, bolsters and belts. Prana Veda is a perfect place for small groups (4-12 people), who wish to be in a familiar atmosphere.

Yoga is a ancient Indian philosophy of life and the Sanskrit word “Yoga” means union. It is the foundation of well-being and is effective in achieving and maintaining holistic health. Yoga harmonizes the body, mind and spirit by physical postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) as well as concentration and meditation. The practice expands the consciousness and guides you to a freer spirit, while the exercises cleanse and rejuvenate your tissues and cells.

Yoga brings joy and harmony and a fulfilled life.

Daily Yoga and meditation classes in small groups are included in our retreat weeks. Our Yoga instructors teach Hatha Yoga influenced by traditional Yoga styles, Vinyasa flow, therapeutical and Yin Yoga. The morning Yoga sessions are adapted to the individual needs of the participants, combining physical postures and movement with guided breathing and meditation. In our offer for the afternoon sessions Yin Yoga and Restaurative Yoga is included and we practice different kinds of meditations: guided and silent meditations, breathing meditations, aquatic floating meditations as well as dancing meditations in the open. We offer physiotherapy guidance as well as private Yoga lessons upon request.

The retreat weeks give you the opportunity to sink comfortably into the divine knowledge and spiritual experience through daily practice of Yoga and meditation as well as Aqua Healing and Ayurveda, that support relaxation, new orientation, reflexion and transformation. It will relax and rejuvenate you on a physical and psychological level, as well as enrich your spiritual well-being in order to achieve your maximum potential.
Our retreats are suitable for guests of all ages and there is no previous experience needed.

During the Yoga Holiday Week you will have enough time to explore the island with its unique culture and natural beauty.

Yoga- und Meditationclass

Hip Opening Yogasequence with Tamina

Gepostet von Prana Veda Sanctuary Bali am Donnerstag, 2. April 2020