Coconut oil – Detox Treatment

Mouth rinse with coconut oil

The oil pulling is an uncomplicated method for daily detoxification. It is especially beneficial for tooth and mouth hygiene. It is effective against bacterias and helps against bleeding gums, breath odor, strengthens loose teeth, reduces plaque, fights caries and whitens the teeth. Traditionally it is part of a holistic therapy for a lot of different diseases, such as arthritis and migraine etc.

The oil pulling ist best done early mornings before breakfast. Take one to two tablespoons of coconut oil and pull it 10 – 15 minutes in your mouth and rinse it between your teeth. It can be used over a 1-2 week period as a treatment for detoxification and for stabilizing the immune system, r can be integrated long term as part of you daily life.

Intake of Coconut Oil

The intake of coconut oil in the morning (before breakfast and brushing teeth) spends energy and detoxes the body from toxins, parasites and impurities.

Because coconut oil has a strong detoxing effect on the body, you should start with a small amount, e.g. one tablespoon in the first week and then gradually increase (up to 6 tablespoons per day). Be attentive and listen to you body.

By the way: Even one tablespoon of high quality native coconut oil is sufficient to mobilize metabolism. You can also use other kind of oil.



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