Cultural and original Bali 

Prana Veda Bali is located on the beachfront of the north coast of Bali. In this traditional village time stands still. Pure and traditional balinese living can be explored. The Balinese staff in Prana Veda, who give their radiant smiles to the guests, invite us to gain insights into their Hindu culture.

Together with our guests, we are invited to join spiritual festivals and ceremonies.

In the morning you can join the fishermen for a boat trip to watch the sunrise and dolphins and afterwards taking  a walk on the beach, collect shells and watch the fishermen children playing.

Sometimes you can hear the Balinese instruments and singing for a ceremony or cremation and you can watch, how the offerings and the ash is donated into the ocean.

Bondalem, a village with 8 main temples and several thousand inhabitants, invites us to get to know and explore the traditional Bali – to dive into the spiritual part of the island of the gods.

Religion is life and life is religion. Religious rituals and festivals accompany people from birth to death and even after death. They are the basis of the community within the family and the village.

From 5 until 8 o’clock in the morning there is a traditional market, where we can buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are not growing in our own garden. The fisherman are selling as well their fresh fish on the market.

Prana Veda Bali invites you for different Retreat Weeks.

Time to reflect and enjoy the silence and tranquility. A magical place to find peace and obtain insights into yourself and a traditional local village.

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