Prana Veda Detox Program

What is “Detox”:

The word “Toxin” stems from ancient Greek and means “poison”. Toxin is any kind of substance that has a harmful effect on our body and can lead to:

  • stress symptoms
  • allergies
  • intolerances
  • chronic diseases
  • general physical discomfort
  • fatigue, lack of energy and headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • etc.

Our body absorbs these toxins through the water we drink, the food we absorb, the air we breathe and the environment around us. All these toxins are then stored by the body in our fat deposits and, after a while, spread into our blood system, cells and organs.

The word “De-tox” means to detoxify. A detox program is a gentle, internal detoxification and cleansing process to eliminate these deposited toxins. It supports the cleansing of our organs such as the liver, intestines and kidneys, removes excess acids and toxins from the system and stimulates the metabolism. It is like a “spring clean” for the body.

Why Detox?

Although the human body has its own detoxification mechanism, it needs support because of the large amount of pesticides, heavy metals, medicines, radioactive substances, and chemicals in circulation and our unhealthy contemporary lifestyle. Our system is partially overloaded by the purification of all these toxins, so it is advisable to do a detox week once or twice a year.

Positive effects of a detox program:

  • It improves the body’s own detoxification capacity by supporting, maintaining and regenerating the detoxification organs.
  • It restores balance between body, mind and soul and thus energy and well-being.
  • It develops mental strength.
  • It clears emotions.
  • It creates sensitivity and leads to inner truth and clarity.

Prana Veda Detox program:

We offer:

  1. an Ayurvedic detox program
  2. a juice-based cleansing program

First, the metabolism has to be prepared for the detox treatment. Participants should refrain from highly acidic foods such as alcohol, coffee, sugar and sweets as well as meat and fried food and should try to do so one week before arrival at Prana Veda .

We use only organic, freshly-prepared ingredients, mostly from our own garden or from the local market. These have an antioxidant effect and thus remove the toxins from the body. No highly-processed food is served.

In the morning, we start at 7 am with Oil Pulling, using our own Coconut oil in order to detoxify the oral cavity, teeth and digestive tract.

A Jamu Shot with curcuma for breakfast supports internal cleansing and a fresh coconut at midday sustains the electrolytic metabolism.

It is important to drink a lot during the detox days in order to flush out the toxins. We offer Detox Teas with lemon, ginger and lemongrass throughout the day to activate the metabolism. The teas are alkaline and contain vitamin C.

In addition, Massages support the cleansing of body, mind and soul.

The daily practice of Yoga and Meditation teaches us mindfulness and awareness of the present moment and keeps our body supple. We stretch and strengthen the body and practice breathing techniques (Pranayama) which assist mental detox as well.

You can also choose to schedule a liver detoxification with heat wraps.

For additional detoxification, an organ massage (Chi Nei Tsang) with heat compresses (Kizhi) as well as a head massage will be included, alongside your regular massage program,


The 6-day Ayurvedic detox program:

Arrival day – Sunday: introduction to the detox week

Day 1 – Monday is an introductory day with healthy food such as fruit, turmeric shot, smoothies, yoghurt, organic cereals, salads and boiled vegetables. Fish can be added on request.

Days 2 -5 – Tuesday to Friday: We serve fruit and vegetable smoothies and a turmeric shot for breakfast; rice porridge with steamed vegetables are available on request. If you wish, you can enjoy yoghurt with organic cereals as well.

For lunch, we serve a whole, fresh coconut from our own plantation and Kitcheree (Ayurvedic dish with rice and lentils) or vegetable soups if you are hungry. For dinner we serve steamed vegetables, and fresh fish on request.

Day 6 – Saturday is a day for building up your system with light dishes similar to the introductory day.


The 6-day juice detox program:

During a juice detox program only fresh fruit juices, smoothies, coconuts and turmeric shots are served. You will have one fruit and/or vegetable juice or smoothie three times per day, instead of every main meal. The remaining day you will be offered fresh coconut water from our own coconuts as well as special detox-tea.

This program is a more intensive way of detox since solid food is completely avoided which allows your digestive tract to cleanse and regenerate. This form of detox is well suited for weight loss.

Upon arrival, we discuss your tailored detox program with you.

A detox week in Prana Veda is always combined with one of our retreat weeks. The Ayurveda week and the Healing and Energy week also include a personalized consultation.

Occasionally, you may be surprised by deep processes and transformations that can occur during the detox program. Prana Veda provides you with a safe space allowing you to undertake your journey comfortably, as well as a group setting for mutual exchange.

Prana Veda, with its unique location on the north coast of Bali, offers a beautiful place of silence for a detox treatment far from the tourist crowds.


Learn to release what is old in your body and soul.
Make space for innovation and creativity.
Restore your energy, joy and well-being.



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  1. Serafena Godwin says:

    Good Day,

    This is an inquiry to your program. I am interested in knowing the costs.
    Recently have lost Mu Mother and Love relationship and am quite toxic and confused. Looking for clarity and release of stuck emotions.

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