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Newsletter September 2017
(Topics: Announcement of Winter Retreat 27.11.-9.12. & Divine Christmas Retreat 17.-25.12.17)
Newsletter May 2017
(Topics: Heike supporting the team, new Kizhi Spa treatments, Prana Veda in India 2018)
Newsletter December 2016
(Topics: Christmas Greetings and Review of the Divine Christmas Retreat)

Newsletter Summer 2016
(Topics: Nature on Bali, Announcement Winter Retreat & Divine Christmas Retreat)
Newsletter February 2016

(Topics: Announcement Easter Retreat, Circus children’s project, Cooking classes, new Yogashala, Martina)
Newsletter December 2015
Christmas Greetings
Newsletter August 2015
(Topics: Stand up paddle board, announcement of Winter- and Easter-Retreats 2015/2016)
Newsletter June 2015
(Topics: Permaculture garden, Prana Veda cook book, retreat weeks)
Newsletter February 2015
(Topics: Welcome Newsletter, 5 years of Prana Veda, announcement Easter Retreat 2015)