Food & Garden

Prana Veda’s highly appreciated organic food and delicious dishes as well as the sharing of meals in community contribute to the overall wellbeing and contentment of our guests. Our tasty food is prepared with herbs, salads, vegetables and tropical fruits partly from our own organic garden and from the local market. It is a synthesis of heath aspects and indulgence.
All our food is prepared in a healthy way and our salads are washed in purified water. We have homemade yoghurt and jam from our tropical fruits, home baked bread and fresh fish directly from the fishermen.

We serve lactose- and gluten free meals as well as vegetarian and vegan food upon request. If you have any food intolerances we adapt your meals accordingly. We can also prepare Ayurvedic health food according to your needs.

home-ctn-8Your meals can be served on your private terrace or in the restaurant – a Balinese Bale – by the pool and ocean. You can choose from a Western or Ayurvedic breakfast. For lunch and dinner we will treat you with delicious traditional Balinese, Thai and Italian dishes.

You can order special coffees, cakes, and fresh juices from fruits, vegetables and healing herbs. Mineral water, a variety of teas, Bali coffee and fruits are included in the room price.

IMG_2473As many of our guests asked us about the delicious recipes of our Prana Veda kitchen, we decided to create a cookbook in 2015. It includes the vision of Prana Veda, our philosophy of life and lots of tasty Balinese recipes. You can order the book with us via email. So far it is only available in German language (we plan an English edition next year).


Parts of our fresh ingredients are harvested from our fruits and vegetable garden, which was created using permaculture principles. In order to have as many organic ingredients as possible from our own garden, we are continuously working on its improvement. Our gardeners passionately take care that the flowers are blooming and the fruits and vegetables are thriving well. In the afternoons, our chef is harvesting fresh organic vegetables, herbs and spices for dinner.



Every week, a cooking class takes place in Prana Veda. With a lot of passion and enthusiasm our kitchen staff shows the guests how to prepare all the delicious Asian dishes that we serve in Prana Veda. The recipes can be found in our Prana Veda cookbook. Every week the cooking class is a beautiful chance to get together with our kitchen staff and all the food is served for dinner afterwards.